this service is to install 1C on the server and client machines, and then combine the machines into a single virtual network.

Configuring 1C server

We set up 1C server for your company's activities. Customization services include installing the Linux operating system, setting up the SQL server and the PostgreSQL database server, and creating databases.

We always work under a service contract.

Configuring 1C on client machines

For your enterprise, you can configure the configuration of 1C on client machines, both Linux and Windows, with the possibility of further updating the operating system and the 1C program.

Networking of 1C clients

We provide the possibility of remote work (including at home).

If the offices and warehouses of the company are remote from each other, all the objects can be combined into a network.

Also, you can put all the data in the cloud storage with the ability to synchronize for all participants.

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