(Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that significantly increases the level of protection of your site.

SSL is your status confirmation!

The certification authority checks not only the domain, but also the legal existence of your organization. The presence of the SSL protocol increases both your status and your company's status. In addition, sites that have an HTTPS connection are higher in search results.

Which level is it better to choose?

SSL entry-level is suitable for a personal blog, forum or social network. The business level is designed for small businesses and small organizations. An advanced certificate is needed for large projects and financial organizations (medium and large business, sites with a payment system, etc.).

How to get a certificate?

To obtain an SSL certificate, there is only one requirement: do not use the site as a site for unlawful activities (phishing or other fraud).

You can use the form to automatically install the SSL certificate on our website. You must specify the hosting service to which the domain is bound; The certificate received from the Certification Authority and your personal key.

Profitable terms

The certificate is issued within 20 minutes after confirmation of domain ownership.

The first 3 months of service is provided free of charge!

Thanks to the cooperation of Zeita Host with GlobalSign, our customers have the opportunity to obtain a DomainSSL certificate for a period of one year. The SSL protocol is provided free of charge when buying a domain and hosting services and does not differ from the paid protocol.

Data Security

SSL-certificate provides protection of all transmitted information:

logins, passwords, numbers of plastic cards, electronic wallets - that is, all the data that is transferred from the server to the browser of the visitor of your site.

We use an improved data encryption algorithm - SHA-256 technology, which guarantees optimal security. The minimum length of the key is 2048 bit.

Benefits of SSL

When using SSL, the address bar is changed: "https" appears before the site address, the name of your project is displayed in the line, and it is highlighted in green. In addition, on each page of the site there will be a print of the SiteSeal trust (issued by the Certification Center).

Базовый VDS
$ 10
Дополнительные ядра
$ 1.8
  • Intel Xeon
  • 3.8 GHz
Дополнительная RAM
$ 1.7
  • 1 Гб
Дополнительно SSD
$ 0.3
  • 1 Гб

How Order an SSL Certificate?

• Go to the SSL order page for the site.

• Define the appropriate certificate for you. We offer both budget solutions and SSL certificates with the highest level of trust, intended only for legal entities.

• Click the "Buy" button.

• Select a certificate for 1 domain or all subdomains of the selected domain (wildcard).

• Enter the domain name of the site.

• Generate a Certificate Authorization Request (CSR). On the page that opens, fill in all the parameters (certificate type, domain, e-mail, private person or organization data.

• On the page, save the contents of the "CSR Request" and "Private Key" blocks. At this point, two files will be saved to your computer. Their content is required to install SSL on the server. Note! Save the private SSL key to the local computer.

• Fill out the personal data for the certificate.

• Pay for the service in any convenient way.

• Confirm the issue of the certificate.